Orthodontics For Teens

Ages 12 - 17

teenager orthodontics

Help your teen to start smiling with confidence and boost their self-esteem.


Invisalign treatment is an attractive and comfortable alternative to braces. It is especially good for maintaining oral hygiene and if your teen isn’t keen on modifying their diet. If your teen has a special occasion coming up, Invisalign will give them extra confidence in their photos..


Conventional bracket and wire braces will move your teeth and jaws into correct alignment and have come a long way in recent years in terms of size and comfort. 

Ceramic Braces

For something a little less obvious, clear ceramic brackets can be used in your ‘smile zone’, perfect for the more self-conscious teen.

Surgical Options

Wellington Orthodontics is able to offer surgical treatment options in coordination with local surgeons. You may be offered a surgical option if you have teeth stuck in strange places, or if your jaws are particularly mal aligned.