OrthoDontics For Adults

Ages 18+

adult orthodontics

Always wanted the perfect smile? It’s never too late for orthodontics treatment! Thanks to advances in technology, we have multiple options.


Invisalign treatment is a comfortable, modern alternative to braces. It is advantageous to adults who may feel self-conscious about more traditional treatments and offers the flexibility of being able to remove the appliance for special occasions. 


Braces are a classic treatment at any age. Much more discreet than they used to be, braces can achieve outstanding results for most orthodontic issues.

Ceramic Braces

Perfect for professionals who still want to benefit from the classic braces treatment, clear ceramic brackets can be used within the ‘smile zone’ to add a little more invisibility to the treatment. 

Surgical Options

Wellington Orthodontics is able to offer surgical treatment options in coordination with local surgeons. You may be offered a surgical option if you have teeth stuck in the jaw, or if your jaws are particularly mal aligned.