Orthodontic Benefits

Orthodontics is the specialist area of dentistry that diagnoses, prevents and treats the malalignment of teeth and jaws. It involves moving teeth and jaws into the correct position, usually through devices such as braces, removable appliances or clear retainers.

A stunning smile is an investment in you: it both enhances and gives the impression of confidence, as well as offering health benefits.

The Benefits of a Stunning Smile

straight teeth


A boost to your self-esteem and the first thing anyone will notice.


Children with orthodontic problems may have difficulty pronouncing certain    letters or sounds. Re-aligning teeth may help to enable correct tongue movement and mouth shape for better communication.

Jaw Joint/ TMJ

While orthodontic treatment cannot correct jaw joint problems in older patients, bad bites can be corrected in growing patients to reduce the risk of pain or damage later in life.

Gum Problems

In some patients, poor teeth positioning can cause or lead to damage to the gums. This could be through gum recission or through being unable to effectively clean an area.


Tooth Wear

Crooked teeth and incorrect bites can magnify the effects of clenching and grinding, and will definitely lead to uneven wear of your teeth. Certain bites are also at a greater risk of damage due to trauma.


Crowded teeth are harder to clean effectively. Over time, this increases the risk of decay and periodontal (gum) disease. Straight teeth allow for easier brushing and flossing.