What happens?

A New Patient Consultation

Our initial consultations take around an hour. During this time our Treatment Coordinator or an assistant will take a set of dental records, including photos of your face and inside your mouth and a 3D composite photo of your teeth. While this is happening, they will chat with you about concerns you may have and what you are hoping to get out of orthodontic treatment. Dr. Raj will review your X Rays, photos and the scan, and spend some time showing you his findings. He will then make some recommendations to you regarding your treatment options. At the end, our Treatment Coordinator will be available to clarify any remaining questions and to go through cost estimates and payment plans. 

orthodontic treatment

After Treatment

Your teeth will naturally want to move back to where they were – remember, you probably haven’t changed the way you use your jaw muscles, push with your tongue or bite your lip! 

To help keep your smile looking spectacular, we will discuss retention with you. 

The most common forms of retention are lingual wires and plastic vacuum formed retainers. 

A lingual wire is a wire made specifically for your smile and stuck to the back side of your teeth. A plastic retainer is made according to an impression taken of your teeth. 

Basic retention is included in the cost of your treatment, and we will also invite you to return for a retention check to see how things are going.